Length: 13'
Width: 50"
Rowing: 126 lbs
Sailing: Available Sept. 08
Capacity: 540lbs.
  This is our most elegant and beautiful boat.  The Whitehall is believed to have been first built as a distinct design in the Whitehall section of New York City during the 1820's, and shortly thereafter in Boston, MA. 

The design appears to be a refinement of the antecedent English gig or wherry for use as a vehicle of harbor transport or a runner's boat.

The first runner to meet the incoming ship would have the advantage in selling Jack Tar rum, boarding house, accommodations, or personal comforts.

  Our model has a full turn of the bilge, slight flare to the sides and a 1 1/4" deep keel running her full length. She will safely track straight and true.

13' Whitehall:  Rowing: $5,100.00...Sailing: $9,800.00